1. To access and use Centico Research, you must register a personal account by entering a valid email address and creating a password in the registration section of the site or application. You’ll also be asked to accept these terms as part of the process.

2. Linking your personal social account accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) is completely up to you and not a requirement of registration. You may also choose to do so at a later time.

3. Keep your password confidential. You are entirely responsible for all activities and transactions made from your account. We are not liable for any loss or damage from any unauthorized use of your account.

4. Notify us immediately of any unauthorized account use or any other security breach in Centico Research through our Contact Us page.

5. You may only register one Centico Research account. If you attempt to register multiple accounts, we have the right to suspend or close any and all of these accounts without notice and to ban you from using Centico Research. In the event that we close your account(s) pursuant to this clause, you forfeit any rewards that you have accrued.

• When you register, you’ll be given the opportunity to create an online profile. We will repeat these questions at set intervals to ensure your profile is always up to date. Conditional to this agreement and all other terms and conditions contained on the site, should you wish to update, change or delete profile information at any time you can contact us to take action.

• We use profile information to publish and deliver insights tailored to you, your interests and hobbies.

• We use profile information in conjunction with information obtained from other sources such as web cookies, your IP address and geolocation software to match and deliver relevant activities to you through Centico Research.

• We don’t disclose information provided by you while using Centico Research to any business in a format that may allow you to be personally identified. We may aggregate profile information with other members’ profile information and allow businesses to access this grouped and de-identified information.

Data Quality

1. To ensure Centico Research accesses high quality data, we have put in place a number of quality control measures to ensure response data meets and exceeds industry standards and best practice.

2. For each activity we conduct, the following data quality checks are verified:
A. all open-ended answers are checked for:
 offensive or inappropriate language; and
 incomprehensible free text responses such as ‘qwfqwfqwf’;
B. the time taken for you to complete the activity will be checked against the estimated completion time for that activity; and
C. all responses will be checked for inconsistent or inaccurate answers, which can include (but are not limited to):
 responses which contradict other responses you have submitted during an activity;
 responses which contradict information in your profile;
 responses which fail logic or trick testing within an activity;
 selecting all answers in a multi-response question to qualify for an activity; and
 for grid style questions, selecting all answers in a column or row, or selecting answers in a diagonal pattern.
3. You must not provide information in your profile that is, or responses in any activity that are:
A. offensive or inappropriate;
B. incomprehensible;
C. rushed or ill-thought out;
D. inconsistent and/or inaccurate; or
E. in a language other than the primary language of your country of registration.
4. If you are found to have breached any of the terms of this section, we may:
A. deduct any reward you received for any related activity from your personal account balance;
B. block you from receiving further activities;
C. prevent you from using Centico Research, aspects of the site, platform or any applications; and
D. close your personal account.

Earning Rewards

1. You can earn rewards by participating in Centico Research activities like surveys.
2. To become entitled for a reward when participating in an activity;
o the information in your profile must match the targeting criteria for the activity;
o the end date for the activity must not have passed; and
o you must:
 view and accept the invitation for the activity;
 answer all questions asked; and
 reach the final page at the conclusion of the activity and follow any instructions on that page.
3. Neither us nor a business will be liable for any loss or damage arising from you receiving an invitation or activity after the activity end date.
4. If a business defaults on its obligation to fulfil an offer, we are not liable to fulfil the offer to you and are not liable for any loss or damage that results from the business not satisfying its reward offer.
5. We store a record of any rewards you earn through interaction with Centico Research.
6. We may debit or credit your Centico Research account balance at any time and without notice, to rectify any payments made to, or debits from, your account balance which were caused by human error, technological error or any other mistake or systems failure.
7. If your personal account is inactive for one year, any rewards in your account balance may be forfeited.
8. If you wish to dispute a reward, you should contact us and describe the nature of the discrepancy. We will notify you of the results of any investigation and any determination made by us is final (without affecting any of your statutory rights).
9. You may redeem rewards earned through your use of Centico Research using the redemption methods we make available from time to time.
10. The redemption methods we make available are at our absolute discretion and we may add or cease redemption methods at any time.
11. Certain redemption methods may require you to have a minimum reward balance before you can redeem or only allow you to redeem up to a certain amount within a specified time period. These restrictions are set by us at our absolute discretion and may be amended from time to time.
12. If you make a cash or Paypal redemption (country dependant), it may take up to 30 business days for the cash transfer to be processed. We can deposit your redemption only into a bank/ paypal account under your own name or a joint bank account with your name.
13. If a redemption requires us to transfer your redeemed reward into another account (for example transferring cash into a bank account or sending a voucher code to an email address), you are responsible for providing us with correct account details. The information you enter is used to automatically transfer the reward to the account whose details you provide. Completed transfers cannot be recalled, so if you provide incorrect account details, we may not be able to recover the redemptions made.
14. You agree to indemnify us in relation to any loss or damage caused by any transfer of rewards made in accordance with your instructions. You are liable for any costs associated with the provision of incorrect or incomplete details in your redemption request.
15. We are not liable for errors made by third parties in relation to your redemption request.
16. Any rewards you earn through Centico Research don’t earn interest and have no monetary value until validly redeemed. We will maintain your bank, credit card or PayPal account details (if provided to us) in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
17. You are responsible for identifying any potential tax liabilities that may arise through your use of Centico Research. Centico Research is available to you as a consumer and not a business, trading organization or other entity subject to GST, VAT or sales tax.

Closing Account

1. You may close your personal account on Centico Research at any time.
2. You’re responsible for redeeming any rewards that you have earned before you close your account. You can only redeem rewards in accordance with our redemption rules. This means that if you do not have the minimum redemption amount in your personal account, you will not be able to redeem existing rewards.
3. If a personal account is closed for any reason (and whether by us or you), you’ll forfeit all rewards which you may have entitled to and all profile information provided by you through Centico Research will be deleted from our records, except as required by any government regulation or statute.
4. We may, without notice, refuse your application to register a personal account or may close your personal account if you:
o breach any part of this agreement;
o send spam messages through Centico Research, the platform or an application; or
o act against our business interests or reputation.
5. We may determine that you are an inactive member if you haven’t had any activity in over 12 months. If this is the case, we reserve the right to suspend and/or close your account if you do not respond to messages from us requesting that you reactivate your account.
6. If your account is suspended, we may request documentary or other proof of your identity in order to confirm the authenticity of your account. If you fail to respond to our request or provide adequate proof, we may close your account.
7. If you wish to close an account on behalf of a deceased member, please contact us along with some form of proof to show you have the right to close the deceased’s account.
8. The refusal of an account registration and/or closure is at our discretion.
9. Should for any reason we cease to operate we will delete your information from our records.


1. All questions or disputes relating to Centico Research or any part of this agreement should be submitted to us. We will endeavor to resolve any disputes expeditiously. All interpretations of the Terms of Service shall be at our discretion and any determination that we make in relation to an issue is final. In the event that we make an error, such error is not a breach of this agreement.
2. If you’re found to have breached any part of this agreement, we may suspend and/or close your personal account. In the event of any such closure, the balance of rewards in your personal account at the time it is closed will be forfeited.
3. If any part of this agreement becomes, or is found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the operation of the remainder of this agreement.
4. Due to the constantly evolving nature of Centico Research and the site, applications, platform, profile and activities, we reserve the right to add to, change or remove any part of the platform, site or this agreement at any time. These changes may be made without notification and you agree that it’s your responsibility to remain updated and aware of the terms of this agreement and other aspects of the platform and site.
5. We have no control over the content on websites hyperlinked from the site, the platform or an application. We make no express or implied warranties in relation to the content of these sites, including the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of the site for any particular purpose. This includes a hyperlink on the site, platform or in an application. We are not liable for any loss or damage that may result from your use of hyperlinks in the site, platform or applications or any loss or damage caused by your use or reliance on any website via a hyperlink.
6. This agreement, access to and use of Centico Research, the site, platform and all applications and the terms of any disclaimer of warranties and liability are governed by the laws of Republic of India.

Your Privacy

Privacy is an essential element of Centico Research. We are committed to protecting the privacy of all users. We use advanced technology and follow best practice standards to protect your privacy. For complete details on how we protect your privacy, consult our Privacy Policy.